Visakhapatnam to get it’s own Science City very soon.

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Visakhapatnam can soon expect to have it’s very own Science City just as Tirupati and Amaravathi are going to get their’s.

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Visakhapatnam can look forward to boasting a Science City here very soon. Along the format of a Science City Project being undertaken at Tirupati, Vizag and Amaravathi can expect their own. The model will differ but the aim remains the same. The idea is to create a futuristic model of science that acts as a center for research and excellence as well as museums.

Science City in other places such as Kolkata are a big tourist as well as a local attraction. Youngsters including children find it very enjoyable and adults find a curiosity factor there. The theme and the concept will differ at all the three places and Visakhapatnam’s will be unique in execution.

The Science City of Andhra Pradesh is looking into it and details have been shared by the Vice Chairman cum CEO Krishna Rao Appasani. The Science City at Tirupati is expected to cost Rs.639 crores and the details for the one at Visakhapatnam are yet unknown.

If and when it finally comes to Visakhapatnam, the Science City will be sure to attract further tourist footfalls as well as being an eye opener for the young into the marvellous world of Science. Huge numbers in employment and task force are expected to be generated from the ambitious projects.

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