Visakhapatnam Smart City gets hi tech smart surveillance with CCTV cameras operational


Visakhapatnam Smart City gets truly smarter as Kirlampudi becomes the first locality to operationalize hi tech security systems and CCTV cameras along with other initiatives.

A community surveillance system comprising seven hi tech night vision CCTV cameras located at important locations and interlinked by Wi-Fi to a central monitoring station, was inaugurated by DCP K Fakeerappa at Kirlampudi Layout on Saturday. Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) A Narasimha Murthy launched the push-to-talk units. These were implemented as part of Let’s Get Smart Kirlampudi — a corporate social responsibility initiative of CitYzen (a CSR arm of Fluentgrid Limited). There was collaboration by the Kirlampudi Residents Welfare Association (KRWA). Two of the CCTV cameras installed were sponsored by residents themselves.

With this Visakhapatnam Smart City gets one locality beefed up with hi tech security and surveillance systems. A move that can only mean a safer locality and preventive steps for lessening crime. The dignitaries present at the event heaped appreciation for this model community. There are many efforts and activities underway here that are laudable. For this, Kirlampudi Colony was honoured as the best colony of the city with the ‘People’s and Public Participatory Initiative’ certificates from the GVMC on August 15, 2017.

But that’s not all. Apart from the CCTV cameras, Kirlampudi Layout has taken up and successfully implemented smart street lighting, terrace farming, detailed colony map at each entrance, composting, rain water harvesting pits and other eco-friendly measures. Garbage segregation and disposal as well as all-weather kiosks for vendors are few of the ventures here that make this truly an example of a colony in a smart city.

The city is as hi tech as it’s people and here is a brilliant example from Visakhapatnam.

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