Visakhapatnam Scores Well In CBSE

CBSE Tenth Results Vizag

It was probably a situation of excitement for many and curiosity for some. This time the 10th CBSE results were exceptionally outstanding.

The 10th CBSE results were announced on 3 June 2017, it was around 2650 students who appeared for the class 10 CBSE exams and almost 20% of the students scored 10/10 CGPA, though the students belonged from different schools, including the corporate schools.

This time also we have an outstanding performance, but as usual the scenario is dominated by Sri Chaitanya with 782 students (both campus and the city), around 280 students from Sri Chaitanya scored a perfect 10 CGPA.

Around 164 students from Satya Sai Vidhya Vihar appeared for the exam, and 50 students scored a perfect 10 CGPA. The school also recorded a 100 pass percentage.

From Visakha Valley School 69 out of 170 students scored 10 CGPA,where as from Little Angels, out of 31, 7 students scored a 10 CGPA. 417 students from  Sri Prakash appeared for the exam out of which 168 scored 10 points. Coming to Vignan 54 students scored 10 points out of 168 students.

Andhra Pradesh has 158 CBSE schools in total, and once again, the corporate schools have shown their outstanding performance, scoring maximum number of CGPA. However, the other CBSE schools topped in terms of percentage of students scoring maximum GPA.

Vizag is now the the CBSE substantial base city compare to rest of the AP.

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