Visakhapatnam to score over Goa as a safe beach holiday destination

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With the tourism trade fair ITB Berlin being a grand success, A.P. tourism has been determined to put in efforts to make the state a top tourism global holiday destination and in this attempt, it has improved its promotion strategy in order to attract a large number of domestic and international tour operators. The title of ‘India’s Best Kept Secret’ has particularly highlighted the tourism strengths of the state.

The state has been recently awarded with the best new hot spot in the trade fair and holiday destination which has caught the attention of tour operators across the globe for its brand positioning. Pertaining to this, the state has been keen on promoting their tourism and in relation to this, planned a national conference of tour operators in the city in the first half of April. The state is aiming to offer incentives to tour operators and help in monitoring traffic to the region with the help of a software enabled process that will provide a direct link with a select team of tour operators across the country, create a reward and recognition system programme for the tour operators on an annual basis and track how much business is coming from which part of the country.

In relation with the ‘Glamping’ (defined as glamorous camping), the state is keen on promoting the Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, which a home to 82 tigers and 24 cubs as a part of its strategy to make A.P. a top Indian destination on the global map. It is set to have camping facilities for all different kind of travellers and create a tourism spot something like Kenya’s Maasai Mara according to the reports.

As the global estimates have stated that about 33% of international holidaymakers look for a beach holiday, beach and Buddhism circuits are set to be promoted in select countries. With Srilanka, Thailand and Japan being the destinations for Buddhism; Visakhapatnam is set to be promoted as a safe beach holiday destination and is expected to score over Goa regarding its safety issues.

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