Problems being faced by the citizens of Visakhapatnam

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In the past few days, we brought you a series of complaints that the public of Visakhapatnam wants to take the notice of the officials. We have been coming across many more issues being faced by the citizens and here are a few of them.

#5 Open drains at many places- Usha, Housewife

“One thing that really needs to be addressed by the officials is the problem of open drains. There are many open drains in the city that promote an unhygienic atmosphere. The problem is graver now as the number of dengue cases in the city is on the rise. While the officials are busy beautifying the beach road, areas like Seethampeta and Appughar are lagging behind with this issue. I hope this problem is taken care of as soon as possible so that we do not face any unfortunate repercussions.”

#4 When will the autos start using meters?- Raju, Student

“When will the autos start using meters to decide the fare? It is not at all just to give some abrupt fare estimate depending on a random calculation of the distance. Use of meters will make the system more transparent and even put the passengers at convenience. Many awkward issues such as bargaining and disagreement on fares can be avoided with this.”

#3 Lack of Parking space at district court- Soundarya, Employee

“Our Visakhapatnam court has not been allowing people to park inside the ample space present within the court premises. Due to this, people are parking their vehicles on the opposite side of the court and also on the nearby streets. This is causing a serious nuisance. After 10 am, there are chaotic traffic jams in the area due to this unruly parking. Even though a police person is always present there, he takes no action to set this right. I request the authorities to please take some action.”

#2 Rash Riders creating nuisance on the Beach road- Vimala, Housewife

“I am a resident of one of the apartments present on the Beach road. Usually on each night, we face the problem of rash riders whizzing on the roads. The riders cause a lot of disturbance and nuisance with their feats and also unnecessarily honk horns. We find it really difficult at times to get a peaceful night’s sleep due to this. We even complained to the authorities many times but nothing has worked out until now.”

#1 Rampant use of plastic- Charan, Employee

“Even though there have many awareness campaigns educating people regarding the harmful effects of using plastic, the numbers are still discouraging. Many shopkeepers have restored to the plastic bags as the cost of paper bags and other substitutes is higher. This needs to be addressed immediately so that some change does happen in the society. While this problem is prevalent everywhere, Visakhapatnam can lead by an example to other places by curbing the use of plastic.”

We certainly hope that authorities address these issues. Do let us know any issue being faced by you in the comments section.

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