5 complaints by the public from the city of Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam public

We all know what a lovely place the city of Visakhapatnam is. Be it for its placid atmosphere or for its picturesque locations, this place has stolen the hearts of many since time immemorial. Owing to these, and many more reasons, Visakhapatnam has even attracted many people to shift their base here.

But like any other place, this city too has got its fair share of problems that need to be addressed. We happened to interact with the public of the city and asked about the complaints they have from the city. Apart from these direct interactions, we even get informed about the public’s grievances through our social media platforms.

So today we present 5 of the many complaints we received. (Please note that names of some of the persons have been changed on their request).

#5 Inconvenience at single Screen theatres- Suvarna, Housewife

“One of the complaints I have is about the single screen theatres in the city. While the multiplexes maintain a decent ambiance for the viewers, it is the single screens that are falling short in this aspect. The seats aren’t well maintained and the toilets are not cleaned regularly, causing a lot of inconveniences. Also, the AC does not run throughout the movie’s stretch. Many a time I have noticed that the operators switch off the AC while the viewers get engrossed in the movie. This is not at all fair on the theatre’s part, provided they are charging high amounts for tickets.”

#4 Negligence to use dustbins- Rajeev, Businessman

“It is certainly a proud fact that Visakhapatnam has emerged as the third cleanest city in India. Kudos to the GVMC and the workers for making this happen. However, there still exists negligence from the people’s end to use the dustbins at public places. I have witnessed many people at Beach Road, Tenneti Park, and other areas litter the surroundings without making an effort to reach the nearest dustbins.”

#3 Pollution caused by some vehicles- Sricharan, Employee

“I see many vehicles on the road emitting large amounts of smoke into the air. This is especially observed with old-modeled autos and bikes. This is not at all acceptable as it dentures the city’s environment. The officials need to take strict actions in order to curb this.”

#2 Reckless Auto riders- Akhil, Student

“Many people might relate to this. Many autowalas in the city are causing a lot of nuisance to the traffic. While some break the traffic rules, some abruptly stop their autos anywhere on the road in search of a customer. Sometimes, the drivers even respond in a rude way when questioned about their reckless driving.”

#1 No safety for girls- Madhu, Student

“Girls in the city find it hard to travel or even walk alone in the wee hours of the day. In fact, even the places like VUDA Central Park can turn out to be intimidating to girls. Many boys and bikers make it a point to throw a comment while passing by a girl. This is a real shame and the officials need to take action against this to ensure safety for women.”

We certainly hope that these concerns are addressed by the authorities as soon as possible. Also, we will soon bring out other issues being faced by the Vizag public.

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