Big promises that Visakhapatnam is waiting to see delivered sometime soon


Visakhapatnam is a dynamic city and the people and their government are always on their toes in the development department. Be it tourism, roadways, city and urban development work is always afoot. Promises have been made and delivered. There are some others which are taking a long time and we are waiting. It is not just that we were promised and we are waiting, there some things that the city of Visakhapatnam needs. Traffic ease, parking solutions or better connectivity, there are practical hardships for people that need to be addressed.

  1. NAD Flyover – Today in the news we have observed that Chief Minister Naidu may be laying the foundation stone for the flyover on October 16. While we are happy and definitely waiting for the biggest of the promises, we are taking all the dates with a pinch of reality. It has been proposed since 2015 and we cannot tell how much we need it. a busy crossroads, this project would significantly ease traffic.
  2. Tu-142m, Aircraft Museum – The much hyped and promised aircraft museum that has collaboration with Indian Navy is eagerly awaited by us. Promises and deadlines have passed. The aircraft is being readied and the surrounding areas being developed. It was supposed to be inaugurated on world tourism day on September 27th and that did not happen. Let us see when we can witness the wonder.

  3. Multi-level parking – GVMC had made the wonderful idea of multi-level parking in three areas known to us and that has us looking forward but when will that be? A solution to parking woes, the promises if kept will clear roads and lessen congestion on streets.
  4. Ropeway – The proposed concept of a 12 km long ropeway from Kailasagiri to Dolphin hills definitely makes us wary but also hopeful that something will definitely workout. A thrilling thought that has us wondering and wishing.

  5. Flea market on Beach Road – What a marvellous sight it would be if for a day or two a week we could have a street shopping destination for our city. a melting pot of apparel, handicrafts, local wares and more. We have no boast worthy street shopping zone in our city and one our most loved area would be wonderful.
  6. There are so many more such promises but these come to mind because of how important, recent or most awaited they are. Municipal promises and healthcare promise that our city needs and awaits. Our readers tell us a lot about this and bringing it forth is what we wish to do.

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