Visakhapatnam Media invited on board Indian Navy Ship INS Kamorta as prelude to Navy Day

indian navy
indian nnavy

In a run-up to the celebrations of Navy Day on December 4th, 2017, the Visakhapatnam media houses were invited on board Indian Navy Ship INS Kamorta for an interaction.

In a splendid interaction with representatives of various media houses in Visakhapatnam, the Indian Navy ENC has made it’s aims, objectives, modus operandi and plans in the city known. This was organised as a prelude to the Navy Day approaching soon on 4th of December, 2017. The gathering of media was addressed by the Commander in Chief, Eastern Naval Command Vice Admiral Karambir Singh. Other senior Naval Officials were also present along with the crew of INS Kamorta. This year the celebrations of Navy Day are on a jubilant note as it is the Golden Jubilee of the Eastern Naval Command as well as the Submarine Arm of Indian Navy.

Vice Admiral Karambir Singh

Forging ties with Vizag and it’s people

Indian Navy
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Indian Navy let it be known that they are looking forward to bringing the city of Visakhapatnam and the Navy closer than ever before. The presentation and dedication of the Naval Aircraft Tu-142 to the City and the Vizag Navy Marathon are top of the list. Also included in such initiatives are the band concerts and performances, the tree plantations drives, the blood donation as well as medical camps, the ship visits for children, the operations demonstration etc. This is all done, keeping in mind the desire to foster a better understanding and relationship with the city people.

aircraft museum
aircraft museum

Also revealed at the media conference was that, a documentary is to be released in March 2018 that explorers the ties between the city of Visakhapatnam and it’s people and the Indian Navy. This is in addition to the scheduled visit of the President to present the Submarine Arm of the Indian Navy with the President’s Colours as well as inauguration of the Tu-142 aircraft museum.

Action Oriented Approach

The Commander in Chief made it amply clear that not only is the Combat Worthiness and Diplomatic role of the Navy on the list of top priorities but also it’s Constabulary and Benign roles. Thus Visakhapatnam can be sure that the security of the coast and the territorial waters stretching over Bay of Bengal is in good hands. Indian Navy is committed to supporting and training the marine police, conducting surveillance and patrol operations to ensure safe seas too. Keeping it’s Benign role in mind, the Navy is always in readiness for extending humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, rescue assistance etc to the people.

All this and much more was shared at the interactive session and answers to queries raised by media persons given in prompt and informative manner.

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