Visakhapatnam Hangouts – We miss our favourite Sea View Cafe so much

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Sea View Cafe

Some of our favourite hangouts do not exist anymore but we miss none more than our favourite Sea View Cafe.

Visakhapatnam has officially said goodbye but will always carry in it’s heart memories of long chats and lounge by the sea at our favourite hangout the Sea View Cafe. The coffee and the masala tea and the hot and spicy samosas with the chutney. no one can forget these simple pleasures. A hangout loved especially by those who love junk food, coffee and nicotine. Sitting alone idly or hanging out with your college buddies, Sea View Cafe has good memories for everyone.

Sad was the day we say it go. Till today, when one imagines idling their time away by the beach, it is rare one thinks of actually going to the beach. It is to spend a couple of hours with buddies well fueled by caffeine and small eats. Sources had informed that the demolition was part of the order passed by High Court. GVMC had handed out eviction notices to multiple shops by the Beach Road, refusing to extend their leases. The persistent café is now long gone and we still have pictures of the deed.

Sea View had been a constant in the life of anyone who has grown up in Visakhapatnam. Right from the second we hit our teens, it was the hangout place to be. The fact that it lacked proper seating and its sketchy levels of hygiene never really mattered to anyone. No matter what the reason for the demolition was, Sea View has always been a major part of RK Beach for most Vizagites and it will be missed!

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