Visakhapatnam favourites among 5 food items ordered most by Indians in 2017

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The surveys are out and a look at the 5 most ordered food items by Indians reveals one or two of our absolute favourites too.

2017 saw an unprecedented rise in the amount of food that people have consumed outside and the survey is out. Visakhapatnam prides on being a gastronomic town and while we do experiment a lot, our favourites are timeless and comfort food. A not-so-surprising look at the survey reveals that India’s favourite is ours too. Not just one but two or may be three. It’s upto you to decide depending on what your favourites are and here it is. The big reveal of what food items Indians have ordered most in 2017.

#1 Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani, SwiggyYou has to guess that one. Indians love their Biryanis and who can deny that it is a fool proof plan for all. There will be hardly a friend in the group or a member of a family who wouldn’t tuck into a plate of it with delight. Yummy in the tummy Indians, we love our Biryanis too. Come visit to believe it and let Alpha or Dakshin dish you a plate.

#2 Masala Dosa


Staple of South India and a hot favourite of North India too apparently. The Masala Dosa doubles up as both a breakfast, snack or a meal by itself if one goes overboard with the size and the fillings too. It is a comfort food and one we do not mind anytime or anywhere.

#3 Tandoori Roti

The Indian bread basket minus the indulgence of butter, makhan or some other tasty fat. The health foodie’s option of ordering something to go with the yummy side dish. Good old roti that fills you up without fattening you and blends well with all those, curries, gravies and Indian spices.

#4 Butter Naan

Sinfully buttery, delicately flavoured and soft and melt in the mouth, the food might have originated in the Middle East but we doubt anybody could love it more than us. Most of us indulge in this Indian bread and Indians can be seen smashing up the gravy and Butter Chickens and Paneers with this. Best consumed hot, this is one of the most ordered by Indians.

#5 Butter Paneer Masala

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians both rejoice in wiping off this tasty accompanying dish. It is one that makes even a hard core non-veggie weak in the knees for some soft, soul food. Children absolutely love this and in a group of kiddos or in a family no order is complete without it. The Indian version we like best and no matter how well prepared at home, it always tastes better when ordered outside.

Enough said. Visakhapatnam no doubt gives a double nod to the list considering what foodies we are. We may add to the list our favourites too.

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