Temples serving the most delicious prasad in Visakhapatnam


Food is bae and foodies know the pain of not getting enough of that yummy prasad which is served in all the temples in Visakhapatnam. That handful of prasad {which we never share}, which vanishes in seconds is something that we have always wanted in large quantities but wouldn’t get. Well, we cannot make the prasad available in large quantities for you but we can surely tell you the temples which distribute the most delicious prasad to their devotees in Visakhapatnam. Here is the list that you need to keep in mind from now onwards.

Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple, Burujupeta

This temple is very famous in the district and so is the yummy pulihora that they serve as prasad. The prasad is distributed daily to the ‘bhakts’ and we just cannot get over its taste. If in the same area, stop to pray and have the amazing prasad.

Krishna Temple, Lawsons Bay

The small but extremely beautiful Krishna Temple in Lawsons Bay serves the devotees with the most amazing Kheer. The delicious rice Kheer {more like Rabri} will shake all your senses and will bring you happy tears. On Ekadashi, sabudana kheer is served to all the worshippers which is heavenly.

Polamamba Temple, Pedda Waltair

Being famous in the city for making wishes come true, this temple is where we head to whenever we need blessings and a handful of yummy pulihora. The prasad from this temple is extremely yummy and satisfies our soul every single time.

Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Simhachalam

This temple, situated on the hilltop serves the worshippers with delicious laddus made with sweet boondi. The additional hint of cardamom and camphor is what makes it more mouthwatering. Also, try the pulihora from this temple which is exceptionally good.

Sampath Vinayaka Temple, Asilmetta

This temple in the midst of Visakhapatnam is always filled with devotees. Known for its long existence and making dreams happen, the temple never lets you down when it comes to prasad. Delicious pulihora and boiled chana is distributed as prasad which always brings a smile on your face.

Gurudwara, Seethaamadara

The langar at Gurudwara is served to devotees every Sunday. The combination of unlimited daal, chawal, roti and sabzi accompanied with a sweet is heavenly and is enough to make your day happy. Stop by to pray and do some service and enjoy the delicious langar in return.

Even though all these temples serve similar prasad, each prasadam has its own unique taste which varies from temple to temple.

NOTE: This article does not hurt sentiments related to any temple or religion. It is all about the love of food.

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