5 things that make Visakhapatnam the city for Life Goals

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They say do not go by the size or the numbers, go by the quality. Visakhapatnam proves this to be true in not one but many ways. For those who have always lived here. For those who now live here and those who want to make a move to a bigger city, Visakhapatnam reminds us of what life should be like. As for us Vizagites, happiness and pride is what we feel in ample measure every day in our town.

Here are 5 things that will put Visakhapatnam high on hash tags lists of life goals.

  1. Your city, your way of life – Home to many linguistic groups and essentially cosmopolitan in nature, Visakhapatnam is the true amalgamation of the best cultural elements. It proves that it not necessary to belong to a particular geographical region to live happily there. North or South, we all live happily here.
  2. Embracing with open hands – The people of Visakhapatnam are loving, open and hospitable. Add to this repertoire the forward thinking and broad mindedness. In a time in India when patriarchy is rampant, cultural police is running amuck and lawlessness pervades, Visakhapatnam and it’s people offer you peace, order and calm.
  3. Hills, valleys, sea we have it all – No one place in India can offer you the best of all geographical worlds. Visakhapatnam can. The verdant valleys of Araku, the beaches of Rushikonda or the numerous hills dotting our horizon, it is splendid.
  4. Clean, fast, progressive – Adjudged as one of the cleanest city in India with the cleanest railway station, Vizag is a winner in first impressions. Visitors from foreign lands and India find our city beautiful and fresh. Open skies, less congestion compared to metros but markets and lifestyle at par whatever one could wish for is here.
  5. Laid back and relaxed – While the world is getting lost in the rat race and stress of modern living, here life still follows the pace that lets you enjoy every day. Breathe, live and be happy Visakhapatnam seems to tell. Development is not at the cost of human life and sitting by the beach sipping a coffee is still possible. What more you would find more of your brethren doing the same.


Why wouldn’t Vizag be the place where you would want to be always? If you haven’t visited do come and we are sure you will come back for more.

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