Air Asia flight delays angers Ayyappa devotees and passengers at Visakhapatnam

air asia
air asia

Air Asia puts passengers which included Ayyappa Devotees into distress due it’s flight delays at Visakhapatnam Airport.

For many who take connecting flights, the flight delays are a cause for major concern. Many a time the delay in one has led to passengers missing the next and losing time and precious money because of it. Such was the case of some Ayyappa Devotees who had to take the Air Asia flight from Visakhapatnam to Bengaluru and then onwards to Kochi. The flight delays on the part of Air Asia led to some justified anger and resultant chaos at Visakhapatnam Airport. The AirAsia flight was originally scheduled to leave Vizag at 11 a.m. and reach Bengaluru at 12.40 p.m but, it arrived late and left at 2.03 p.m. and reached Bengaluru at 3.44 p.m.

For many among the Ayyappa devotees, the loss of money on the connecting flight to Kochi led them to demand the return of the fare. Air Asia staff could not comply with the demand and much chaos resulted. What Air Asia could do was accommodate them in their next flight from Bengaluru to Kochi and they did so with a charge of nominal fares. It is incidents such as these that leads people to be over cautious and nervous about long haul journeys. The sad lack of clarity on what would be the compensation otherwise and what is the charter of rules pains travelers in India.

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