WhatsApp tricks that might prove to be handy for you

Whatsapp hacks
Whatsapp hacks

Smartphones have become the teenagers’ pleasing gadget as it is easy to access social media and messaging applications. Whatsapp is a treasure that many of our young folks are addicted to. Chatting, exchanging texts, forwarding information, sharing jokes, teasing each other with senseless talks, spread gossips that’s what most of us do on WhatsApp. Just a single notification and our youngsters will run at 100 kph to grab their phone which might even end up being a silly smiley sent by a friend. The first thing we do after we wake up in the morning and the last thing we do before we sleep are to check our WhatsApp messages. Being such an important app on your phone, we wanted to bring a couple of WhatsApp tricks that may be extremely useful to you.

Trick 1

To spy on your never replying friend?

Confused if your friend is ignoring you or hasn’t read your message when his read receipts are turned off? Common, let’s fix this in style. Whenever you text your friend whose read receipts is off, just send a voice message right after the texts. After they listen to your voice message, blue ticks will appear beside your voice message. This means that they’ve read your messages too! If they listened to your voice messages, it’s highly likely that they’ve read your messages..right?

What? Don’t you believe this? See this…

Trick 2

Do you know that your Whatsapp can be used as a combination of Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary, etc?

Duta is a WhatsApp bot that can be used to obtain the latest news, sports, entertainment, devotional, finance and interactive services, etc and allows its users to access all Google products, news, live cricket update, dictionary, Wikipedia, train live status etc

What? Don’t you believe this? Okay, follow these steps and see it yourself..

  1. Save the number +919042002970 as “x” In your phone contacts
  2. Now create a WhatsApp group with any random number and add this contact in the group.
  3. Now, you can get a crisp info about anything you want! Just type wiki<query> and x. You get a message instantly with info about the topic you entered. Additionally, you can get trivia, subscribe to news, play quizzes, get finance/stock prices information, translate languages, get PNR status, weather, personal pieces of advice, and much more for free.



PS: This service is provided by Duta. You may visit http://www.duta.in for updated info on the services.

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