Tribal Lives at Risk!

Image Credit: The Hindu

According to the CPM, 22 tribal people have lost their lives to malaria, diarrhea and anaemia in the 11 mandals of Visakha agency. This was reported by the CPM state Executive member Ch. Narasinga Rao and district Executive member Killo Surendra.

They said that the State Government must declare a health emergency to save tribal people in Visakha agency. The number of deaths due to seasonal diseases has been increasing rapidly. CPM dug out the government records of malaria cases in the past years and it revealed that there were 3,701 cases in 2012, 2,414 in 2013, 5,250 in 2014 and 6,530 in 2015.

There is a huge shortage of doctors and medical staffs in Public Health Centres(PHCs), Community Health Centres(CHCs) and sub PHCs.

CPM asked the government to increase the medical services in the disease struck areas and also increase the budget for it.

The tribes are an important part of our country and must not be denied basic health and hygiene.

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