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the boutique

Aptly named The Boutique, this store caters to the need of customised clothing for the whole family. 

The Setting

A blue glass sign identifies the store in a long white corridor. Walk in through a wooden door and you step into a cosy room. Huge mirrors stand on both sides of the 1070sq ft room, reflecting the various clothing customers hold against themselves. Clothes glitter on a closet rod that stands in the centre. Custard coloured walls contrast a black ceiling set up with spotlights. Glass and metal shelves stand against a pista green wallpaper with gilded ethnic patterns.   

The Choice

Owned by Shilpa Reddy and Soumya who have previous designing experience, The Boutique caters to the whole family with concept-based ethnic and fusion wear. On display are designer clothes for women and kids, even the just born. Hung from closet rods and lining the shelves are clothes created by Jesal Vora, Sunaina Sood, Design Cottage and Samata & Sruthi – designers from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. The colours of the lehengas, saris and dresses range from dreamy soft pastels to electric traditional hues. The prices here range between anything from Rs 2000 to Rs 20,000 and more.

Cordoned off from the boutique is the embroidery section. Metallic chips, zardozi and mirrors lie heaped on the floor alongside embroidery threads and needles. Embroiders sit at work, focused, with their heads bent over intricate designs. Catering to men, women and kids; there’s an in-house tailor to cater to your customisation and alternation needs as well.

Yo! Recommends

For those hearing the wedding bells ring, go in with your own customised design and get it embroidered and stitched. Head in even if you don’t have a design in mind and are averse to wearing something off the rack on your special day.

Timings: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Location: VIP Road


Shilpa Reddy – 8985852777,

Soumya – 9701722212

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