The Beach in Visakhapatnam and why we love it so much

visakhapatnam port

Visakhapatnam and the beach here go synonymous in epic scale fun and wonderful things to do. After all why do we love it so much?

Since the day we were kids and even as we have grown up to become adults, the beach here is the place to be in Visakhapatnam. It is not just a place but aan entire world of love, hangout, gossips, friendships, solitary musings and what nots. Tons of things to do, stuff to eat and hundred different ways to enjoy on the beach here. For tourists and for locals alike it spells pure heaven. It is to a great extent different from the beach in other places and that is not just in the geography but how it lends itself to making us happier. Here are the favourite things to do for local Visakhapatnam junta on Rk Beach.

#1 Good mood guaranteed on a bad day

We all will agree that when life is not okay we should head to RK Beach because answers and solutions miraculously appear. Mood becomes lighter and we return much happier.

#2 Killer sunsets and sunrise out here

The breathtaking sunsets and sunrise on Rk Beach is to die for and we all have enjoyed it at least a few times to know what it looks like. Pure Bliss!!

#3 Solitary time and thinking things through

No better place than this to spend some quality time alone with yourself without appearing lime a total wacko. We see lots of such people and we know even if alone the person is busy.

#4 With the crowd and yet apart

smart city

The feeling of the weekend crowd on the beach road is in equal parts chaotic as well as calming and while we become a part of it, we can still enjoy it from a distance. Not so in other places for sure.

#5 Family time

Going with your loved ones means there is a lot for everyone to do and even if we enjoy different things at site we still enjoy it together. Food, water fun, frolic etc, there is something for everybody.

#6 Meditation and therapy

The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and the noise of birds calling out to one another is always a serene sound to hear and casts a meditative spell on the hardened hyper souls. Keep Calm and Enjoy Sun Sand and Sea!

#7 Load up on yummy Junk

street foodJunk food heaven, our beach boasts of the junkiest, tastiest grub on this side of coast and there are no arguments about this. Muri Mixture, corn on the cob, momos, egg chicken rolls etc, we have it all.

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