Weekend Getaway – Thatipudi Reservoir

tatipudi reservoir
tatipudi reservoir


The lush green hills of Visakhapatnam hold many secrets, and one of these is the scenic Thatipudi reservoir.

Located 65kms away from the city, near a town called S Kota, the Thatipudi reservoir was built in 1963 across Gosthani river as a major source of water supply for the city’s residents. It has been a fascinating tourist spot since then, and is not only frequently visited, but is also often compared with the best sights in the world. No wonder, it is a popular spot for movie shoots as well, and one of the scenes from the Telugu film ‘Legend’ is said to have been shot here.

With the Thatipudi dam being a major attraction here, the blue waters of the reservoir are mesmerizing as well. Holding over 3.3 TMC of water, the reservoir not only feeds the fields but is a primary source of water supply for the city as well. And that’s not all. Because of its access to trees and fresh water, the region is also home to many species of flora and fauna. Beautiful migrant birds, which are not seen in the city, head here while many others have even made this their home. Contrasting the deep blue waters are the verdant greens of the Eastern ghats as well.

If you plan a trip to the place, then you can choose between spending a couple of hours here to planning a weekend getaway too. Sit still by the water and stare at the deep blue expanse that extends before you. One can also go boating in these waters or plan a camp with family and friends. Other than private getaways, this is also an ideal locale for corporate groups and outdoor camping too. Exploring the area takes approximately an hour and you can choose to include a boating trip. Food options are easily available through small dhabas and restaurants that will have your standard fare of food. If you plan to stay overnight, check out the hotels and resorts in the region. Salson’s Retreat is a great option that offers a residential bungalow with two suites and six acres of outdoor space. You can also check options by APTDC here which offers tour packages too. In fact, you can choose to club this destination along with a trip to Araku, as Thatipudi reservoir is conveniently located halfway along the road to Araku valley.

So pack a light bag and get set for plenty of fresh air, breathtaking sights and a wonderful adventure within the city.

How to get there: Araku-Visakhapatnam road

Time To ReachApproximately 2 hours.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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