Tech Mahindra to develop beach resort at Kalingapatnam, not far from Visakhapatnam


Tech Mahindra has promised Andhra Pradesh, a Beach Resort at Kalingapatnam and it’s not too far for us at Visakhapatnam to go for a spot of beach fun.

The Kalingapatnam beach, Visakhapatnam will soon get a brand new avatar with the giant, Teach Mahindra coming up with plans to develop a beach resort right there. It is also happy news that a lot of formalities in the project have already been got over with. Can we expect it sooner, rather than later??

The club resort will be developed at a cost of 300 crores INR and is expected to be completed by 2020. The beach resort is being planned with state-of-art facilities. A plot of 20 acres has already been allotted to them by the District Administration. This is an additional tourism magnet for the future with the existing facilities of the Government already running there. The land allocation was done after extensive soil tests and land surveys. The beach is just 20 kilometers away from Srikakulam and an accessible distance for tourists and locals to venture from Visakhapatnam.

As oer the MoU, 70 % of the capacity will be reserved for club members at the beach resort and the rest will be bookings by locals, tourists etc. So let us hope for a great facility to come up within the specified time so that we may plan a getaway soon.

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