Click, Eat, Play, Repeat! Enjoy the best time at Tatipudi Reservoir this monsoon

Tatipudi reservoir
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Planning for a long drive this weekend! Get into the car and drive to the Tatipudi Reservoir which is just 68 km away from Visakhapatnam in the Vizianagaram district. With its freshest air and breathtaking view, this place makes a very beautiful spot for all the family picnics, a get out with friends or a romantic drive with Bae/Boo. Here are a few things that you will enjoy doing at the reservoir. Remember to take good pictures.

Take A Ride In The Boat

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A boat ride is one of the best things available at the reservoir. Get into a boat and take a ride to the Island in between the reservoir. Feast on the beautiful sceneries of water touching trees, scenic running clouds and small fishes and birds.

Note: Put your headphones ON while on the boat as the sound of the motor might irritate you.

Feast On Amazing Food

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This place is rich in food stalls and the delicacies available will make your stomach happy. Roasted Corn and peanuts are the major attractions while the restaurant on the Island serves amazing Biryani. A small corner restaurant down the slope will help you fulfill your cravings for Fried Fish, Prawns, and hot Sambar Rice.

Note: If you prefer homemade food, get your food packed and carry it along with you. The Island Restaurant allows you to have your food on a condition you buy something from the restaurant.

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Enjoy Dusk While Sitting On The Lake Bench

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Half submerged benches are a major attraction here. Get down from the boat and spend some time sitting here while listening to your favorite band. Or just be calm and enjoy birds chirping and winds rustling.

Capture Natures Beauty

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If photography is your thing, carry your camera along because monsoon makes the Tatipudi Reservoir in Visakhapatnam brighten up to next level. Lush green hills, sky reflecting blue water, orange/pink clouds and sunsets are worth capturing here. Make sure to carry all safety gears in case it starts raining.

Inbox us your travel experience and lets us know if you loved going here 🙂

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