Stitching His Own Path – Mobile Tailor Prasad

Street Life - Mobile Tailor - Prasad

Meet Prasad, a tailor on wheels whose story is testament to the fact that no matter how scarred one’s life is, a person can always move on with courage and determination. All they need is a direction.

I’ve lived in Vizag since I was 14 years old. I live in Pedda Waltair and left my childhood home because the divorce of my parents disturbed me deeply. Being their only child, I had no one to turn to and their separation had left me alone. Eventually, I took matters into my own hands; and have been a mobile tailor since I was in class 5. However, as my schooling progressed,  it became a struggle to juggle both work and studies. So, after a year or so, I dropped out of school and worked as a welder for a while. But I quit as I don’t like working under anyone.

Now, I have a family of my own. My wife, is a cook in a ladies’ hostel, and we have three beautiful daughters aged 11, 10 and 8. My father has since remarried and has two children. My mother, on the other hand, stays with my grandmother in our hometown, Cheepurupalli. I don’t want to have a shop as I believe it is better to be mobile. Having a stationery shop will only make me lazy, whereas now, I finish my work before moving on to the next job. I earn Rs 300 – 400 per day, but I love my job as it offers me the freedom of being my own boss. I go home every day by sunset because beyond that there’s no natural light to assist me in my work.

CBM Compound, Shivaji Palem, Pandurangapuram, Chinna Waltair, Pedda Waltair, MVP and Maddilapalem are the areas I work at. I give out my number to people and go to their homes whenever I’m called. On days that no one calls, I walk around these areas trying to find work. A kind woman allows me to store my tailoring unit on her property at night as it gets difficult to commute with it daily. I will forever be grateful to her.”

Prasad is a sheer example of how one can use the tools that life provides and create a path for oneself, and not depend on others at all. Yo! Vizag is proud to have spoken to Prasad and wishes him many more tailoring opportunities in life!

Prasad is available at 7036360164

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