Super hit Bamboo Chicken Recipes from Visakhapatnam tickles Indian food lovers

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A local specialty, the superhit Bamboo Chicken Recipes from the sea side city of Visakhapatnam is impressing Indian food lovers with it’s unique taste.

Almost a tribal delicacy and a unique style of country cooking, the now-famous Bamboo Chicken Recipes or Chicken Bongulo follow the original bamboo cooking format and add variations in aromas, flavours and offerings. The succulent dish cooked to perfection in the most natural way is catching on the Indian palette. This is after delighting the local populace. Delicate rather than overpowering, healthy rather than rich, the food is desi and a pride of Visakhapatnam.

Apart from Visakhapatnam, these chicken recipes are also offered in Srikakulam, Khammam, East Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. A favorite among campers and picnickers, your nature trails is not complete here without sampling this scrumptious treat. tourists have been sighted gorging on it and food bloggers trying their hand at kitchen platforms. So much have the various chicken recipes of cooking in bamboo that local fishermen underwent training in preparation of this bamboo chicken in Paderu and Araku Agency areas in Visakhapatnam district and started their outlets here.

Simple and satisfying these dishes require chicken to be pre-marinated in aromatic and flavourful spices, salt and chili powder. The stalks of the bamboo is the principal hero of the food story. The marinated chicken is stuffed into the green bamboo stalks and cooked on firewood. Like mentioned earlier, the style of preparation comes from country cooking and tribal influences. Maybe that’s where the magic lies. It is hence proved that something simple and soothing can be as impressive as upmarket and fancy.

Do eat soonest after the chicken bongulo is served for maximum enjoyment. Try it with mutton too and for biryanis as well. It will be out of this world yummy.

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