Summer care and hygiene tips for your dog and cat

dog hygiene summer care

Visakhapatnam is a city filled with dog lovers and cute dogs are spotted in almost every street in the city. While it’s fun in summer, the season unfortunately comes with its own disadvantages for our furry friends. Wild animals can adapt themselves to the weather but domestic pets need to be treated with care and precaution to save them from this scorching heat.

This article will help you to take better care of your furry friends and will also give you tips to be a better human being when it comes to pets and their health care. So read through to get on the side of your pets’ happiness.

Sunscreen is a good idea: – While animals have fur to protect themselves from the strong sunrays, it is advised to put on some sunscreen on the areas where the hair count is low. Places like ears, paws, belly and legs can be covered with sunscreen when going out in the sun. This will also protect your doggo from skin cancer which is becoming more and more common in cats and dogs.

Hair cut can be avoided: – While many of us may think that trimming hair in the summers would do well for cats and dogs, stop and read this. Good hair length for cats and dogs will help them have good circulation, promotes better body temperature regulation and is a natural protection from sunrays. So avoid trimming the coat and brush it every day.

Aloe Vera for burns: – Don’t panic if your pet is sun burnt. Apply a thin layer of gel extracted from a fresh aloe vera leaf. The soothing properties of aloe vera will prevent swelling and will relieve pain and inflammation. Try and avoid the use of commercial products for minor sun burns.

Fix walking time: – Keep your pets indoor from 1pm to 4pm as heat and humidity in the city is to the max in this time period. Taking out your dogs in this time would result in heatstroke, sunburn and may even lead to dehydration. Take out your pets in the morning hours or after sunset. Also try and reduce the walking distance as too much walking means too much heat generation in the body.

Keep an eye out for parasites: – Summer seasons bring many parasites. While dogs are prone to hookworms and heartworms, cats can get attacked by ticks and fleas. If your pet shows signs of illness, contact the vet immediately.


  • Pets need more care and affection than you think.
  • Veterinary doctor can always be consulted even for small scratches and rashes.
  • Always carry a polythene bag on walks in case your dog poops on the roads or streets.
  • ORS water/coconut water is good substitute to water for your dog.
  • Brush your pets daily as this ensures good hair growth and blood circulaton.

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