5 Yummy Street Foods that could be the most dangerous too.

street food

While street food in India we shall never give up, consuming with caution is important. Street food that we love munching in Vizag could prove unhealthy. The culprit in most cases is the hygiene as well as the quality of ingredients. There are soiled hands, dust on the streets, unhygienic water and oil. We in Vizag, are foodies and will relish our local street food. So what to watch out for?

We all know it. Let us look at the yummiest foods that are the worst problem magnets.

  1. Pani Puri/Gol Gappa/Puchka – By whatever name you call it, it will be the yummiest street food ever. Loved by all and craved to the point of insanity. The vendor gives back the change with the same hands as he mashed the potatoes. The water spicy and tangy did not come from mountain springs for sure. Contamination chances are very very high. Take care and eat all the same. Stick to tried and tested shops and bandis.
  2. Gola/Ice Gola – A very popular and eye-catching street food, ice golas appeal to children and adults alike. The many flavours and the quirky shapes use ice. In many cases the ice comes from questionable water sources. Check storage of the ice and the quality of flavours.
  3. Momos – Saved so far because they are steam cooked and that kills most bugs right?? Wrong!! The ingredients that go in are procured cheap and for non-vegetarians the meat is not prime cut. The momo chutney is extremely spicy and can cause fires lit in your tummy. Nevertheless, momos are love and we shall chose reputable places to eat even if costlier.4. Bhajji/Fries – Mirapkaya bhajjis, hot and spicy are hard to resist. Have you seen the oil it is fried in? How long back was the oil changed? You do not want answers to that. Cost cutting by not using good quality oil is a problems here. Oils should not be used overused.5. Fruit Salads – Cut fruits with chat masala satisfy our between meal hunger cravings and are not junk food. They fruits right? Calorie watchers and health freaks will eat it while their friends feast on fries. Think again. Cut fruits attract flies, dust, grime etc. How long back was the fruit cut is the question you must raise. Love it,eat it. Ask the vendor to give fresh cuts.

A host of illnesses can be mentioned here but tummy cramps, diarrhea and vomiting are the simple ones. Street food in India is the yummiest in the world. Let us eat it but take precaution. Chose the right place and make our favourite bandis aware.

Image source – All from Pinterest.com

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