Street Addas – We Pick Out Our Street Food Favourites

street food

There is an enigmatic charm and taste that makes certain street food irresistible. It’s either the culinary skills of the veteran street-side chef or the open-air sea-breeze ambience or just the dish itself, but certain bandis, carts and food-trucks in the city dish out delicacies that are finger-licking good! Listed out are a few of our current favourites. Do indulge.

street food

Aunty’s Maggi

last seen: GITAM down

Teasing the palates of the Gitamites and many other students for three years now is a couple who makes the most delicious Maggi in three varieties, “Veg Maggi”, “Single egg Maggi” and “Double egg Maggi”. Located near the shore, this joint has become the adda for many students.

street food


last seen: beside Aqua sports

Tempting evening walkers and passers-by to indulge in the most succulent South-Asian dish for four years now is a small cart selling dumplings fondly known as Momos. Dished out hot and fragrant are veg momos, chicken momos, fried momos and many more that are too good to miss.

street food

Bread omelette

last seen: near Symbiosys

If you are looking for something really filling on the streets this is where you need to head to. A couple selling delicious bread omelette for six years now, which is not only is easy to snack on, but also sumptuous in taste. Ravenous? Then ask for a serving of Maggi and Manchurian as well.

street food

Tenali Treats

last seen: opposite The Park

Serving Tenali delicacies on a platter, specifically the very famous delicacy Perugu bajji is a small cart which is not only a treat to the eye but also to the palate. Located in one of the most happening areas in town, this street-food cart has created its own significance and style since it opened two years ago.

street food

Dry fruit kulfi

last seen: Tenneti park

For all those who crave for a dessert after every meal, this is a sweet destination. This traditional ice cream is not only creamy but also enriched with dry fruits. This chilled dessert is melting the hearts of many for quite a few years now.

street food

Ruchi Dosa

last seen: MVP Colony

Serving 90 varieties of dosas, each one being unique in its own taste, is a caravan which does not compromise on hygiene at any cost. Keeping it affordable to all and giving prominence to the taste and quality is what you find here. Catering to hungry crowds on a daily basis for about a year now, this food-truck is already chalking out grand plans for the future.

street food

Ice gola chaat

last seen: opposite The Park

Chilling and melting in the mouths of many since four years now, this delicious blend of flavours put on crushed ice with a fruit and nut topping makes this Ice Gola Chaat not only sinful in its looks but also in its taste and texture. A must have for ice-gola fanatics.

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