The story of a fashion blogger from Vizag

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Fashion blogger Alkananda Bodapaty from Vizag, talks about how her foray into this line of work has been extremely rewarding in more ways than one.

Knowing her better

A Telugu girl from Kakinada, Vizag became her home when she shifted to the city eight years ago. Pursuing her MTech from Andhra University in Vizag, she always had an inclination towards fashion. While she pursued academics rather reluctantly, her passion took her to start a Facebook group called ‘Go girlies’, where she would discuss about fashion. With a following that went up to 35k, starting her own blog became the obvious next step to her journey.

The start of her blog

With people asking her where she shopped, she took to posting and updating on a more regular basis. thus began as a platform to share her fashion ideas. Initially sceptical about the response she would get online, she worked hard till she finally found her footing. Appreciated for her style, soon brands started mailing her to promote their products. “I first worked on a barter system whereby they would give me clothes to keep and I write about them.” Having done that for a year, she next graduated to charging for the work as well. “I was even sent to Italy by Myntra in association with FILA, something that was a huge plus for me.” Also being one of the very few South Indian bloggers on fashion helped too. Focusing on fashion that is affordable and wearable by everyone, Alkananda’s mainstream social media is Instagram, along with blogging. A speaker at a recently held TED Talk, she was also approached by Maybelline for make-up promotion.

The hurdles

Being one of the first persons to start blogging in the city, she faced many initial hurdles. “I learnt everything, right from designing my own website, to blogging, on my own.” Also, coming from a middle class background, didn’t make it easy to buy new clothes all the time. People would judge her by looks. But the support of her father, who allowed her to leave her MTech in between and completely focus on this, really helped. She put in the effort, did plenty of research, worked at finding good photographers, and later even finding good brands. “I was worried at first about putting myself out into public, but thankfully have been well received so far.”

Word for wannabe bloggers

“Bloggers are accepted everywhere and it’s a full-time thing now. If you’re a budding blogger, be consistent at what you do. Do not stop what you’re blogging about, don’t be bothered about negative comments or lesser number of views. Buy a domain which helps people know that you are really interested in doing your thing” she shares.

Future plans

Sharing that her supportive family has helped her get this far, she gives special credit to her father, and her husband, who is also her photographer. As a full-time blogger, future plans include more of blogging and being active on social media. Having pursued a course at NIFT Delhi, she even plans to start a YouTube channel soon. Starting her own label of clothing is on the cards along with writing about beauty, lifestyle and travel as well.

Founder: Alkananda Bodapaty
Inception: December 2015
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