Soups for the Soul

Soups in Vizag

Clean, aromatic soup is just the right thing to have on cold winter evenings or even when you plain just have a cold. The smell of herbs and clean broth wafting up from the warm bowl cupped in your hands is half the comfort all by itself. This winter we bring you the best of soups from around town.


Cream of Mushroom

A soup apt to its name; flavoured with organic musrooms and garlic. As you sip through this minimalistic, creamy soup dotted with flecks of brown, a burst of flavour comes through.

Where: Flying Spaghetti Monster


Tamatar ka Shorba

A spicy, desi version of the good old comfort,
the cream of tomato. Chillies, spices and juicy tomatoes come together in a holy union to create this delicious soup.

Where: Euphoria


Lemon Coriander Chicken

A flavourful broth of lemon and chicken cubes. Vegetable stock, a dab of coriander paste, ginger, garlic and green chillies add to and enhance the flavour of this soup.

Where: Barbeque Nation


Zuppa Di Broccoli

A green, creamy, healthy broccoli soup made sans cream. The traditional Italian broth is both comforting and nutritious at the same time.

Where: Little Italy

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