Solution to water problems in the city this summer

water scarcity in city

Commissioner of GVMC [Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation] M Hari Narayanan told that Rs.25 crore has been sanctioned to deal with the water problems for the summer action plan.

He instructed all the officials from his department to ensure that all the borewells and the water supply lines in the city function well in this summer season. He asked them to appoint an officer with phone number that would be displayed on the website for the public good. This phone number can be used to forward all the complaints from the civilians to the local staff concerned. He also asked the concerned officials to set up water supply kiosks at junction all over the city and urged to inaugurate them by 16th of April.

Hari further informed that green sheds would also be set up along with the water supply kiosk to provide relief from hot summer days. He said that water will be supplied at the kiosks from 9 am to 6pm everyday and these kiosks will be available for the public use till long 90 days.

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