Do We Even Remember How To Socialise?


Are we comfortable striking conversation with a random person on the street, event or a party? The answer is ‘Yes’ for some and ‘No’ for many. In this age of technology – people are more comfortable telling “Hi” to a random person over Facebook rather than face to face. It begs the question – Do we even remember how to socialise?

With the introduction of dating apps such as Truly-Madly, Tinder, etc., singles find it convenient to start a conversation over chat rather than making a heads up approach in general. The whole process of meeting a person, getting to know them, being their friend, finding out if you like the person enough to date them has simply gone away. The thing that maybe stops us from making a conversation with a stranger in the real world (offline) is the fear of rejection and embarrassment. But in the bargain we lose a new friend or even block opportunities. When the new normal is viewing the world through the lens of your phone cam, is it really even surprising?

Though social media sites help us socialise and make new friends online, they still aren’t the real deal.  Because one doesn’t even chat with everyone on their Facebook friend list. When you see one of those Facebook ‘friends’ in public you don’t even want to make a conversation. Relationships, while fulfilling, take effort to sustain, and when that is taken away, can it really even be called a relationship anymore? People these days simply don’t have the time to actually carry a conversation when they could just text instead. But on the other hand when you socialise with a group of people at a gathering (formal/informal) it’s a whole different thing.

The experience of socialising with people in real opens up a whole set of opportunities to make new friends, build contacts, network, learn more of the world and people, boost your mood naturally. It is only when you hold actual conversations do you get to know another person, know their story, you know how amazing the world really is. So get out there, start socialising cause as they say, “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met”.

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