Smart City Vizag declared ‘City of Lights’ and more.

vizag beach
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With the 1.07 lakh LED street lights installed all over Vizag, it is now declared the City of Lights. This acknowledgement and distinction comes at a national level. The note of positivity was very clear in the Independence Day address by Hari Narayana. The Municipal Commissioner addressed the people of Vizag and unfurled the tricolor on 15 August. Smart city Vizag is coming up with full gusto and the outlook is optimistic.

The stress areas according to him are continuous supply of water, sewage treatment, smart streets etc.  The green spaces development is a key area and efficient underground electric cabling. Beach road is a highlight. Prevention of erosion and development of the site is under plan. Lastly, housing facility for all is a must in a smart city was expressed by him.

Money matters: Smart city projects will be implemented over a period of 5 years and the fund allocation is Rs. 1602 crores. The funds that Government has so far released is Rs.394 crores.The Center and State Governments are contributing Rs.500 crore each. That is not all. Other Government agencies will also be pitching in.

Since the implementation of  the project on June 25, 2016, Vizag has moved from fifth to third in the ranking of cities. The ambition here is yo moved to the the top spot in India’s cleanest city list. A further accolade was the first ranking given to Vizag in the ‘Swachh Survey’.

Progress and future: In the Independence Day address, the Commissioner highlighted the plan for waste to energy conversion plant and a shelter for the homeless at night. Street vendors who are a major part of Vizag city life will be recognized. Self-employment and skill development will be focused upon for future economic growth of Vizag smart city.

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