Go Skate – Vizag


Riding and performing tricks on a skateboard has become highly popular in India. The sport made its entry into India back in 2003 and has been growing ever since. There are over 11 skate parks/spots spread across the country. With cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi turning heads with their amazing skateboarding skills, Vizag isn’t far away. The city of destiny has its very own team of skateboarders called Sk8 Vizag, who have been practicing and sharing the tricks and techniques of this sport with their fellow vizagites.

It all started with a Facebook page ‘Skateboarding in Visakhapatnam-Vizag’, which was managed by Rakesh Perla, a skateboard enthusiast who’s played a major role in the growth of the skate scene of Vizag city. The page helped bring together people who shared the same passion for skateboarding. Now there are around 15 skateboarders in the city who meet up 2 – 3 times a week to train at Sea Pearl, RK Beach & Indira Gandhi Park at Steel Plant.

Back in 2016, the team organized an event called ‘Go Skateboarding Day’, where they visited different schools around the city, creating awareness and teaching the tricks & techniques of the sport. In this team of skateboarders, a few names always stand out. Srikar, Ravi and Karthik are known for their expertise in the sport and contribution to the skate scene in the city.

Having been involved in this sport for less than 5 years – the city has already created its name on the national scale and sees people from across India and also other countries visiting the city to spread the love & cheer of skateboarding.

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