A tribute to the brother sister relation on this Raksha Bandhan!

sister brother bond
sister brother bond

Finally, the festival of all the brothers and sisters has arrived. The city’s streets are decorated with the all colorful Rakhi sellers. The girls are busy visiting temples with their brothers as there’s a cheerful festive vibe in the air. So on this auspicious and special day, let’s see what has given Raksha Bandhan a spot so close to our hearts. Let’s celebrate the sister-brother bond.

The special bond of a sister and a brother

Raksha Bandhan literally translates to ‘a safeguarding bond’. It’s celebrated as the day when the sister ties a Rakhi to her brother’s wrist as he promises to protect her throughout his life. This is a tradition that is being followed since ages and marks the most special occasion for the brother-sister relationship.

Since childhood, a brother and a sister share a special bond. It’s a bond like no other. From fighting over the pettiest issues to standing up for one another in the toughest situations, they probably exemplify the cutest bond ever.

Outsiders who catch them fighting all the time might think of them as the worst foes. But little do they know the love they have for each other deep down in their hearts. They fight over TV channels but will present each other with the best gifts. They quarrel for a piece of chocolate but will not tolerate if someone speaks ill of either. These guys might complain about each other to their parents but will be the saddest when they have to part ways.

Ask any sister what she hates about her brother, and she will have a bucket list of reasons to hate him. Ask a brother what he hates about his sister and he too will have a truckload of points. But ask them why they love each other and they would come up short of words. The very reason for this being that one doesn’t need to list out reasons to love someone. Their innumerable fights and quarrels themselves might form the core of this bond.

Raksha Bandhan is just one of the many opportunities to thank each other for everything. A chance to remind each other of the children still alive in them.

So, next time you fight with your brother or sister, don’t forget that some years down the line, it will be the sweetest thing etched in your memory. A memory that’ll put a smile on your face.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all!

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