Ameya Dabli, the creator of some rejuvenating music, shares his thoughts on his journey so far

Ameya Dabli

Banker turned musician, Ameya Dabli inspires with his rejuvenating music.

“After quitting my high-paying job, I wanted to do something for people. Having realised through my concerts that people need an outlet to let go of their emotions, I took to singing. Nowadays, everyone is stressed due to varied reasons, and soulful music, presented in an interesting and appealing manner, seems to soothe them.

I have various projects lined up. Currently, we are touring the country performing ‘Ekam Satt’. We are also coming up with a theatrical on the same. ‘Mental Mettle’ is another project which is themed around reaching out to our country’s youth to give them good meaningful music with a message.

The atmosphere in Vizag is absolutely terrific. The cheerful sea and the beautiful waterfront make it much more exciting.”

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