Maharashtra based Shiv Sena enters Visakhapatnam municipal elections

shiv sena
shiv sena

It might sound strange but it is very much true and happening in Visakhapatnam. Shiv Sena is entering the municipal elections in Visakhapatnam. Shiv Sena is a Maharashtra based political party but it’s regional representatives in the city have organized a meeting and have decided to contest the municipal elections of GVMC. The meeting which was held on Wednesday decided the agenda and laid down points for actions that they want to take up. Party state observer Dilip Thamal, City Committee president T Kumar Raju and other leaders B Venkatesh, Srinivasa Rao, Narasimham and K Ramakrishna explained the party activities in the meeting. The agenda explains Shiv Sena regional party leaders plans to develop the conditions of North Andhra people by giving them top priority.

In further details of discussion, if they win the municipal elections, Shiv Sena members in Visakhapatnam will support the rights of the region and the long pending demands. On the cards is a special railway zone with it’s headquarters in Visakhapatnam. Further, they want to support the women who have been rallying against the AP state Liquor Policy. In a bold move they also want the Central Government to give a special Category status to Andhra Pradesh.

About Shiv Sena – With a strong presence in Maharashtra, this party has long been identified with the political fabric, elections and activism in Maharashtra. This is a first for the party to enter the scene in Visakhapatnam.

Source – Deccan Chronicle

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