Second Shipwreck discovered in Vizag. City deemed to emerge as a major diving destination

Shipwreck, vizag

In what’s coming as a sensational news, the divers have discovered yet another shipwreck in the waters of Vizag. While the enthusiasts are yet to get over the previously discovered shipwreck, the latest revelation surely seems to be poised to establish Vizag as a premier diving destination.

Speaking to Yo! Vizag, Balram Naidu, director of Livein Adventures, said, “My mates, from Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Andaman Islands, and France, explored the waters near the initially discovered shipwreck. After carrying out dives for over 10 days, we came across this wreck, which is located at 15 km from the first one and at a depth of 23 m from the sea surface.”

The divers, who explored the wrecks, are professional instructors and have conducted close to 2000 dives all across the globe. “These guys carry a lot of experience with them and if their word is anything to go by, the newly discovered wreck has the potential to make Vizag the best diving site in the world,” Balaram adds.

He also informed that the aquatic life found near this wreck is stunning, to say the least. A fascinating range of species, including the extremely rare Goliath grouper fish, Feather fish, and jackfish, were found at the site of the wreck, which is spread over a length of 100m.

Balram feels that with the support of the state government, Vizag, owing to its multiple unique features, can definitely be developed into a prominent scuba diving destination in the world.

Scuba Diving in Visakhapatnam

Scuba diving in India has been restricted to popular destinations such as Goa, Pondicherry, and Andaman islands among others. The feasible connectivity and the huge potential can cause Visakhapatnam to emerge as one of the major scuba diving destinations in the country, and possibly the world. Also, an international scuba diving academy is slated to be established in the city with the support of the government.

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