Will killing Telugu Medium serve the purpose?


The government’s move to scrap the Telugu medium schools from the state has received much flak for all quarters. This move is supposedly aimed at making the government school kids ready for various national and international-level examinations.

Many parent and teacher unions have staged protests against this move by expressing their urge to protect Telugu medium schools. Some organizations have even accused the government of ill treating Telugu language. The Municipal Administration Minister, Dr P Narayana, has brushed the criticism and stated that the far-seeing move will help in shaping a better future for the kids in the state.

This has raised a raging debate on whether getting rid of the Telugu medium schools will really help in achieving the government’s goal. There’s a divided response among the public on this issue. Those supporting this move feel that this will equip the kids with better exposure. They have been arguing that this will do a great deal in achieving our Chief Minister’s goal of making Andhra Pradesh an educational hub by 2022. On the other hand, many feel that this will further worsen the situation of Telugu in the state. Unfortunately many of the kids nowadays have started neglecting their mother tongue, and scraping off the Telugu medium schools will, they feel, reduce Telugu to the “third language”. Many NGOs and literary enthusiasts have been trying very hard to revive Telugu among the children. They feel that it’s imperative for our next generations to know about our culture and they should feel responsible for protecting it and transferring it to the further generations.

It would be ideal if the government plans to implement their idea without hurting the sentiments of anyone. There can be a system where children are trained effectively in English with an equal emphasis given on the importance of learning their mother tongue.

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