MLA Anitha Puts Another Behind Bars For Speaking Out Against Her

SC ST Atrocities Act Puts Another Behind Bars, Vizag

TDP MLA Vangalapudi Anitha cannot seem to catch a break, nor can those who keep criticising her on social media. A software professional from Bengaluru was arrested and interrogated yesterday by the police. He had allegedly published objectionable comments against the MLA on social media. He has been arrested under the SC and ST atrocities act.

The arrested, Ippala Ravindra, isn’t the first person to be arrested in the last few weeks for the same. Ravi Kiran from Visakhapatnam, who maintained the page ‘Political Punch’ was also recently arrested for the same. Ravindra was arrested by the Visakhapatnam police in Bengaluru on Tuesday and brought here yesterday. He was booked by the SC/ST Atrocities Cell under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act.

Ravindra had posted a regressive post about the MLA criticising her for neglecting her husband and giving importance to other TDP leaders. He also criticised the MLA for not reacting to some of the issues in her constituency. While the comment criticising her about the issues was maybe legit, the fact that he tagged that along with some backward comments made him an easy target.

MLA Anitha as a consequence, lodged a complaint at the Three Town Police station against him. Because MLA Anitha belongs to the scheduled caste community, the case was transferred to the SC/ST Atrocities Cell. Ravindra has also been booked under the Section 67 of the IT Act and 291 of the Indian Penal Code for posting derogatory comments against the MLA.

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