Elephants Day – Save the Elephant

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We finally have a day to celebrate the birth of Elephants, the grand and majestic animals of the forest. Sadly, this is not why it came into existence. World Elephant Day was launched in the year 2012 to bring attention to the plight of Asian and African elephants. There has been a drop of 62% in the number of Elephants worldwide. Hence, it is important to have a day for them not only to celebrate their existence but also to save them.

On the occasion of World Elephant Day, the Vizag zoo along with Paryavarana Margadarshi Vaisakhi and Sri Prakash students and teachers created awareness about the recent plight of elephants.
We bring some of the interesting facts about these awesome creatures:

1. They make amazing friends. They have a strong social bond and are literally Social Animals!!
2. They are adaptable. They can adapt to any situation with ease. They cover themselves in mud to protect themselves from sun.
3. They have a parental instinct. They not only nurture their own children but also others’ calves.
4. They are fun animals. They can have fun anywhere, be it playing with mud or water! They are always curious.
Yo! Vizag wishes all the cute elephants around the world a belated, very Happy Elephant Day!
P.S Don’t forget to watch some cute videos of elephants on youtube!

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