The new application which is doing rounds – The Sarahah


The new generation has been blamed for being stupid many times and every time I try to back up my generation, something new hits the market and I am left with no words all over again. Stupid trends are on sky every time and nobody knows why they even catch fire. Be it chockers, crocs, pout selfies  or Kylies lipsticks, people are obsessed with these trends and more and more people are seen flaunting crocs and chockers {which I personally think is not cool}. The latest trend on the social media is the Sarahah application. This application has taken the internet by storm and people are seen posting their Sarahah Id’s on their Facebook and Instagram.

So basically, this application is used to send messages to a person without revealing your identity. The introduction of this application reads – ‘Sarahah is application for Android and iPhone that allow you to receive honest anonymous feedback about yourself. The feedback will be sent by your friends, family and other people with whom you have shared your Sarahah account after Sign in or Sign up. You can use this feedback for self development’.

For me, the idea of sending anonymous messages is creepier than being honest. Do we really need an application to give an honest opinion on a person? Are we this lame that we cannot even speak our mind about how we feel about some person?

We are the generation that has the capability to make a strong government and run the country more efficiently than it was run ever before. We are the one who are finding cures for deadly diseases and also sending satellites in space for research. Does this application really do justice to our capabilities?

I respect that people have different opinions but applications like this is of actually no use.  So why not invest time into something that will give us a better tomorrow and stop wasting energy on some random application which is practically all about sending horny messages and creeping out people!

Ps. I am a 22 year guy so don’t howl that older generation doesn’t understand what this application is about.

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