Visakhapatnam Sankranti festival shopping trends, malls over market and designer over traditional

sankranti shopping
sankranti shopping

Visakhapatnam is abuzz with Sankranti festival shopping and the trends reveal a preference of shopping at malls over markets and designer over traditional goods.

Change is everywhere and the shopping appetites of Visakhapatnam people reveal new trends. People are thronging the malls in the city and big brand outlets and clearly there is a shift in preference for designer over traditional fare. Visakhapatnam retail market is booming and for both men as well as women, the options are many and various in between. Shopping malls with many brands under one roof and international brands with their stand alone outlets are crowded with shoppers. A spin around the city will reveal youngsters vying for the absolutely latest designer and trending pics that are up to date with social media trend setters. And why not is the question?

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For the more senior lot of Visakhapatnam population, a trip to the bigger malls and outlets in Jagadamba or Dwarka city centers is still on. But what is it that they are shopping? Trends reveal a clear preference for something designer and different and a newer version of the traditional wear. No more common prints and patterns, but a better cut and fit for men and new and snazzy for women. Be it sarees, suits or dress materials, lehengas or gowns, a designer touch that sets the garment apart is the clear choice.

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Nothing is out of bounds for the young for whom a glittering Indian kurti over distressed denims is a done thing for a Sankranti festival do. The more adventurous among boys are going for ethnic and handsome kurtas over denims and not just any brand would do. The traditional Indian Wear market in Visakhapatnam is catering to a spectrum of tastes and people are willing to partake. Add to this the raining discount offers that make wearing upmarket brands more affordable.

The crowd is visibly thinner at the shops that have catered fro years to Vizag people but haven’t jumped the retail bandwagon boom. Clearly left behind in the race to please shoppers, the local markets are in gloom. Sankranti is almost here and shopping lists still long. The coming weekend will see a fever pitch of shopaholics and it is advisable to finish off yours well in time.

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