A reason to rejoice as SAFE SWIMMING SEA ZONE becomes a thing in Vizag

safe sea swimming zone in Vizag
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Vizag has been witnessing a lot of drowning cases since a few years and we somehow need to put a stop to all the drowning cases. Thankfully, AP Tourism along with the city collector is taking some steps to safeguard and also give them more options of several fun activities. The most recent thing introduced is the ‘SAFE SWIMMING SEA ZONE’ and we are so thrilled. This will help bring down the level of drowning death cases in the city and will make swimming in the sea more fun and safe.

The owner of Livein Adventures, Balaram Naidu will soon introduce Vizagites to open sea swimming and the whole fun exercise is going to be very exciting.

With the proper use of mandatory life jackets and boundaries with floating barricades, life guards will make sure that no harm is caused to anybody enjoying swimming in the open sea.  The no rock area has been selected in RK Beach and Rushikonda Beach and the boundaries will be marked in accordance to the tides.

Two layers of swimming area will be introduced where the swimmers will swim in the inner layer and the lifeguards will be ready to protect in the outer layer. The chances of mishaps will be almost negative as with all the safety equipment and life guards while a rescue boat will also be available for swimmers safety. Effective communication will be taking place between life guards with the use of tower watches and after the training, swimmers will be allowed to explore the inner layer.

Earlier, people used to go for water sports in a shirt and jeans but now, swimming suits and shorts are recommended. Other lazy river activities will also be introduced in the coming days with an entry fee of 30 rupees.

People tend to ignore the ‘NO SWIMMING’ boards and go into the sea for a swim and end up losing their lives. With a guided swimming course, the case of getting lost or drowning will not repeat.



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