The sad demise of Viskhapatnam’s musical gem, Mr. Jeffory Kirk

demise of the singing gem

A teacher by profession and musician by passion, Mr. Jeffory Kirk passed away in the early hours on 29th March. He was a singer who casted a spell on his enthralled audience and was the lead of Vizag’s very first rock band, Tempest. He kept the audience spell bound, infused the soul and spirit of music taking on the morose evening all alone to turn it vibrantly live. A teacher by profession and singer by passion, Mr. Jeffory Kirk, the father of Vizag’s senior most rock band Tempest, the music teacher in Timpany School and solo singer of hotel Grand bay’s regular evening live band, left us sad and mourning.

A very young Jeffory, inspired by the lyrics of ‘Break Free’ by Queen, defined all bonds chose to break free.  Being an Anglo Indian he always attended the cultural programs of the church and thus came in contact with the ecstasy of melodies. At the age of 14 he got the first musical training from his father. A quick learner he soon was on the path of success with several well appreciated public performances.

At 15 he underwent professional training under Mrs. Blanche in vocal and western music. Starting his career at 16 as a professional musician he went ahead to join the live musical band as a rhythm guitarist and singer at the premium Dolphin Hotel. Within 3 years his fame and popularity as the lead guitarist and lead singer grew. Subsequently the band leader enthused him to form the band Tempest.

After nine years at Dolphin he shifted to Grand Bay and Park for one year each. Repeated shuffling of band members appended by frequent shifts in venues of performance, led to the demise of the band, but Jeffory continued as solo performer with guitar and keyboard at Grand Bay. Though, enduring all odds the band still gets together and continues to perform in gala events like grand naval celebrations, Anglo shows in and out of Vizag and corporate parties.

A musician in true sense, Jeffery was utterly disappointed with prevailing trend where DJ’ing has superseded live band performances in importance and choice. Though he accolades DJ’ing as being unbeatable in areas like Bollywood but did want the well deserved share of respect for live performers from today’s music lovers.

Expressing pleasure on the substantial growth of music both in quality and popularity Jeffery intends to pass down his talent to a suitable heir. “I appeal today’s youth to keep music clean and sober” said Jeffery.

Yo! Vizag family laments the sad moment that took away the singing gem of Vizag and hope he rests in peace.


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