RK Beach to inaugurate the mighty TU-142 aircraft museum very soon in Vizag

rk beach
source - indian defense research wing

27th is World Tourism Day and the latest attraction in Vizag is coming up. Shri Naidu our honorable CM will be laying a foundation stone in a formal ceremony at the aircraft museum site. The mighty albatross i.e the TU-142 as a aircraft museum will be finally unveiled soon. From 1988 to 2017, the naval aircraft has rendered service for the defense forces of the nation. It is of Russian origin and is an anti-submarine aircraft. It is turbo propelled and it is the fastest in the category. 30 years of service and 30,000 flying hours have been clocked by this behemoth. A huge wing span of 50 meters make this an attraction beyond par in Vizag.

The integrated defense museum at RK Beach will see the neighbors INS Kursura and TU-142m together. Together at one place on RK Beach is expected to be a big draw for both city visitors as well as tourists. It has generated a lot of interest and anticipation among Vizag people. We naturally give you updates on the aircraft museum project development.


  • Actual arm and fire power will displayed for viewing by visitors.
  • Actual parts used on original war aircraft will be displayed.
  • Real time viewing pleasure with in-depth knowledge of the risks aboard.
  • Technical know how and engine working will be up for understand-ability.
  • Audio-visual and lighting inputs to be organised.
  • Guides and service experienced staff will be able to clarify for visitors.
  • Cafeteria, souvenirs and more.

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