A lot of food items may come and go but the ‘rice’ is always going to stay our favorite

the rice

Junk food lovers may beg to differ but for a lot of people {including me}, the RICE is the best thing to have anytime and anywhere. The staple food of rice with dal or some curry is consumed widely in many parts of India where South India tops the list. Andhra Pradesh has always been fond of rice and it has been the staple food of people here since ages.

Even with the ongoing fad of fancy food and sugar filled delicacies, our love for rice has never been down. No matter in what form, rice is a tummy filling food and none can deny. The love for different forms of rice dishes only grows and is a never ending affair. Be it Biryani, Pulao, Risotto, Paella, Nasi Goreng or just plain rice with dal and ghee, rice recipes never fail to impress and my growing tummy is a good example {LOL}.

Vizagites are extra fond of their special Biryanis and no wonder we have many restaurants serving amazing Biryanis and other rice recipes. The joy of eating the rice with hands is something that no forks and knives can ever give. No matter if it makes us sleepy or fat, rice is something that we will enjoy till forver and its place in our heart can never be replaced. Sambar rice {piping hot} or Rajma chawal {with extra butter ofcourse} is no doubt the best thing to have when hunger strikes and if you disagree, stop eating rice for a while and we will talk then.

Here is a list of places {tried and tasted} which we feel that serves the best rice recipes in town. Check out these places and try their rice specialties and let us know your experiences in the comment sections.

Sea food fried rice – Ming Garden, Hotel Gateway

Nasi Goreng – Mekong, Green Park

Risotto Quattro Formaggi – Flying Spaghetti Monster

Dum Biryani – Kamath

Schezwan Pulao – Delicacies

Bisi Bele Bath – Daspalla executive court

Sambar Rice – Sairam Parlour

Rajma Chawal {served seperately} – Deepak Punjabi Dhabha

Avakai Biryani – DCabanna


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