Old Reservoir Becomes A Dumping Ground

Mudasarlova Reservoir Dumping Ground Visakhapatnam

One of the major sources of drinking water in Visakhapatnam has reportedly been grossly neglected by authorities. The 100 year old Mudasarlova Reservoir has become the new dumping ground for the city.

No clean or green activity has been taken up at the reservoir, leaving it filled with dumped debris. With no boundary wall protecting it from citizens or any regular cleaning activity held here, one can see people using it as a dumping ground.

The beautiful place is surrounded by thick green hills and located close to central prison. Rain water remains the main input for the reservoir that supplies drinking water to the city. The two inlets to the reservoir stand at Pineapple Colony and another besides the hills. The GVMC supplies water to four divisions in the city from the four divisions. 55 MGD water is now purified and supplied by the GVMC.

The Engineering Department of the GVMC keeps announcing plans for development there every year, but nothing seems to surface. This year, the GVMC announced dredging or de-stilting works but the works haven’t been taken up yet. People living by it even use it to bathe their cattle and enjoy alcohol there in the evenings.

GVMC M Hari Narayanan has now directed officials to clear the shrubs around the place and clean the main inlets to ensure free flow of water into the reservoir.

Story Credit: The Hans India

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