Reliance Jio to Launch on Sept 5, Bringing Along A Digital Revolution

Reliance Jio
Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Jio’s goal is to take our nation from data shortage to data abundance, ” says Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries.


Mukesh Ambani formally launched Reliance Jio and announced that its 4G services will be available to consumers from Sept 5. Bringing along a data revolution, under the company’s welcome offer, Reliance Jio services like 4G and voice calling, will be available for free till Dec 31. Lyf phone users will have the offer for an year. There are plans to launch 4G Lyf phones for as low as Rs 2999/-.


Long queues of customers were formed after he announced that Reliance Jio will not charge for voice calls, even for calls on roaming within India after Dec 31. One GB of data will cost Rs 50/-, peanuts compared to the cost other Telecom companies charge and the more data you use, the more the cost will be lowered. We all know how on every special occasion, including Friendship Day, and public holidays, other Telecom companies waive the SMS offers and charge Rs 1/-, Reliance Jio will not follow the practice.


Starting from Monday, anyone can sign up for Reliance Jio services and no charges will be applicable for that too, till Dec 31. Reliance Jio will have 10 data plans with students getting a discount of 25% on the data. 135MBPS download speed has been promised, with the hope of enabling all Indians to lead a digital life. Reliance Jio does not just support 4G, it is also 5G and 6G ready. Jio apps, which usually costs Rs 15,000/- per annum will be free for usage till Dec 2017.


The Jio 4G Tarrifs are:

– Rs 149/- for 28 days of 300 MB

– Rs 499/- per month for 4GB + unlimited 4G at night for 28 days + 8GB WiFi usage

– Rs 999/- for 10GB + 20GB WiFi usage + unlimited at night

– Rs 1499/- for 20GB

– Rs 2499/- for 35GB

– Rs 3999/- for 60GB

– Rs 4999/- for 75GB + unlimited at night + 150 GB WiFi

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