Relax, enjoy and get clicking at the beautiful Tatipudi Reservoir near Visakhapatnam

tatipudi reservoir
tatipudi reservoir

Not just the beauty of the place, but also the fun things one can do there make Tatipudi Reservoir an ideal getaway for people in Visakhapatnam.

Planning for a long drive the coming weekend? Get into the car and head to the Tatipudi Reservoir which is just 68 km away from Visakhapatnam in the Vizianagaram district. Beautiful scenery, calm surroundings and the freshest one make one almost ready to set off right now. Family picnics, a get out with friends or even a romantic drive with special someone are all ideal at Tatipudi Reservoir. Here are a few things that one will definitely enjoy while at the reservoir.

A Boat Ride

A boat ride is one of the best things available at the reservoir. Get into a boat and take a ride to the Island in between of the reservoir. Feast on the beautiful scenery of water touching trees, scenic running clouds and small fishes and birds.

Note: Put your head phones ON while on the boat as the sound of motor might irritate you.

Amazing Food

Food stalls dot the place and the delicacies available will make any food lover happy. Hot Corn on the cob and peanuts are the crowd draws while the restaurant on the Island serves amazing Biryani. A small corner restaurant down the slope will fulfill your ones cravings for Fried Fish, Prawns and hot Sambar Rice. Yumm!!

Enjoy the Sunset

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Half submerged benches are a major attraction here. Get down from the boat and spend some time just hanging out with friends, loved ones or solo. Truly relaxing, the bird calls and woody sounds give you company.

Get clicking

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If photography is what you love, it is advisable to carry your camera albeit with caution. Heightened scenic views give you opportunities to photograph landscapes like never before. Lush green hills, sky reflecting blue water, sunset clouds and dusk scenes are worth capturing here. Make sure to carry all safety gears just in case.

Definitely a pleasurable trip from Visakhapatnam, the many wonders of Tatipudi beckon the wayfarer from city to come and enjoy the beauty and to relax awhile.

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