Register for Hajj through Mobile App


With the start of a new year, here is present from the Government to the pilgrims of Hajj. A mobile application has been launched by the Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday at Hajj House in South Mumbai.

It is for the first time that Hajj application process is going to be digital and it’s a major initiative in the government’s Digital India Programme,” said by Mr. Naqvi. Last month a Hajj website was also launched in New Delhi. The website is in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and English languages.

The application has been put up on the Google Play store. It provides all the information and inquiries, news, updates, e-payment. Five adults and two infants can apply as a group through this app. The last date for submitting application is January 24.

45,843 people applied for Hajj online last year, which means, only 11% applications across the country were received online. Maharashtra topped the list of people applying online with 10,960 applying from there alone. The central government and the Hajj committee are now going their best to ensure the next Hajj is a smooth ride for the pilgrims. There were even discussions held with the Civil Aviation Ministry for aircraft facilities for the pilgrims.

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