Reasons why Visakhapatnam will always be our FAV city

visakhapatnam people
visakhapatnam people

Can you name any city in India except for Visakhapatnam where you meet sea right after you climb down a hill! Probably not, because no other city in the country is blessed with the natural beauty of both sea and hills. The topology of Visakhapatnam is the made by god himself and no person can deny from the fact that this is one of the cleanest and scenic cities in our country.


Visakhapatnam has been blessed with a huge big coast line and the beaches in the city are major tourist attractions. The Kailasagiri and Ross hills are the reason which urge people to visit here again and again coz the view from these hills are breathtaking.


With the arrival of monsoons, the city starts glowing with greenery everywhere and it is the best time to go on long drives along the beach road. The well maintained and broad roads make us happier than Mexican food ever did and this also explains why we have so many sports bikes and luxury cars on the roads.


The sea view cafes and restaurants are the reason why we never wanna leave the city while the famous R.K Beach will always remain close to our hearts. The Yarada beach actually makes you feel that you are in Miami and the blue green water is very photogenic.


The air here is different and it hits you as soon as you land in the city. The people here are very friendly and will help you to their max extent. Visakhapatnam gives a tough competition to Hyderabad in serving delicious Biryani and other dishes.


The CMR Central is no less than a boon to us and serves as the best spot for movies, shopping or food hopping. The Indira Gandhi Zoo is one of the best in South India and is a home for a stunning white tiger and a variety of butterflies.

visakhapatnam zoo

The Jagadamba market in Visakhapatnam is one answer for all the ‘sasti’ shopping needs where you’ll find a variety of clothes, footwear, books and what not. There is not much traffic in the city [apart from the National Highway on office hours] and the traffic police give their 100% to maintain rules and safety measures.

Not to forget the amazing sunries and sussets the city witnesses each day and how photogenic everything becomes at dusk in the city. These all things make up to make Visakhapatnam our fav place and we wish that it continues to be beautiful till eternity {touch wood}.

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  1. It is beautiful city lot more can be done to attract foreign tourists as well domestic Improve the beaches with more facilities protect the geological sites like red sand dunes and make them attractive It really will be a marvelous place to roam in the ridges maintain and protect its Hills form occupation introduce more water and adventure sports Build more temples and spiritual centers health SPAS particularly ayurvedic

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