Protect Your Hair Against Humidity

Humid Hair
Humid Hair

Looking for perfect hairdo for office, date night or partying with girlfriends?

But sadly you live in a tropical place where the weather conditions are enduringly moist. You must be well acquainted with the terrible effect of humidity on your hair. High moisture content in atmosphere can any time turn well ironed hair to a fizzy one and can drop precisely made curls.

Here we give you a list of hair routines that will save your hair from the disastrous effect of humidity:


Make sure you moisturise your hair daily, as dehydrated hair absorbs moisture from the roots. Deep conditioning your hair thrice a week is very much effective.

Dry your hair tenderly

Avoid blow drying, as it removes moisture from the hair strands which makes your hair prone to fizz.

Silicon balm

Silicon based serums are a great tool to deal with humidity. It lubricates the surface of the hair, so it feels smoother and reduces moisture loss.

Choose correct shampoo

A shampoo that suits your hair will reduce fizz or try shampoos that gives your hair volume.

Get a haircut that suits you

Simply don’t chop your hair cause of humidity, that’s not a right approach to avoiding fizz. Humidity makes angled or blunt cut hair look puffed up.

Lastly, make sure you carry a hat, scarf or hair ties with you, just in case all the strategies fail. 😉

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